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Love the simplistic look? Our taper candle holder will add a classical elegance to your home. Made from delicately carved glass and featuring a flared opening, it pairs perfectly with our taper candles. This holder isn’t just for taper candles either! Use with tealights, large tealights or pillar candles also. Whether you're looking to create a stunning display or want to add a gentle point of light, these taper candle holders are perfect for styling whichever way you like.

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  1. Radiance Candle Holder
    Radiance Candle Holder
  2. Tricolour Taper Holder Trio
    Tricolour Taper Holder Trio
  3. Tulips Candle Holder Pair
    Tulips Candle Holder Pair
  4. Holiday Tartan Candle Holder Pair
    Holiday Tartan Candle Holder Pair
  5. Simple Elegance Candle Holder
    Simple Elegance Candle Holder
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5 Items

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